Will my new house flood?

Flooded House

Tis the season – June 1st marked the beginning of hurricane season and as witnessed with the torrential rain that fell in the area at the end of last month, flooding knows no boundaries.  The impact can be devastating. Concerns over flooding and weather related events are common for people who live in Houston or are planning to move here.  While certain areas are called preferred flood zones, meaning that they are at low or moderate flood risk, the Houston area as a whole is in a flood zone, which puts everyone’s property at risk. When the Houston area is hit with a deluge of rainfall, the areas affected the most could be anywhere due to the random nature of weather related events, and how fast the storm might be moving.

A great tool for reviewing a home on the market is the Seller’s Disclosure notice. This notice provides vital information regarding the condition of the home, including whether or not any previous flooding has occurred.  Homeowners policies do not cover rising water. This exposure can only be addressed by flood insurance. It is important to note that there is a 30 day waiting period associated with the purchase of flood insurance.  The only exception to this rule is a lender required policy. Those policies can be effective the day of closing since the mortgage company requires them. This is a great opportunity for new buyers to get coverage on their home immediately.  

Know the risks. Be prepared.

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