Washers, dryers, fridges oh my! What’s included in home sale?


I get asked often about what appliances are included with the home sale. The Texas Real Estate Commission contracts say that an item that is “permanently installed and built-in” is part of the property-this means it will stay with the house when it sells. Whether that applies to the washer, dryer, or refrigerator depends on three factors:

  1. How is the item attached? Will the property be damaged by its removal?
  2. Is the item customized or standard for the property?
  3. Was the installation intended to be permanent or temporary?

For example, a standard refrigerator in the kitchen is unlikely to be considered permanent, while a counter-depth, built-in model may convey. Even if an item is not considered built-in, you can still ask the seller to include it with the sale. If the seller agrees with your request, you can use the Non-Realty Items Addendum, which is a Texas Real Estate Commission form.

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