Our aging population and real estate concerns

Senior and daughter photo

As we age, we demand specialists in our healthcare needs, so why not in our real estate and equity needs, too? Did you know that the fastest growing segment of the senior demographic is 85 and older? The older people get, the more support they need with activities of daily living. Additionally, many people are also outliving their children and others in their support network. And although most people would like to age in place as long as possible, many times the residence does not meet the needs that accompany frailty in old age.  Aging in place is a complex issue. It involves community resources, family systems, social services, faith based organizations and medical services Рnot to mention the aging senior themselves. Compounded by insufficient affordable options for elders needing supportive housing, families will choose or find it necessary to assist aging parents through living together or in very close proximity.

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), we are on the frontline of issues related to aging-in-place, relocation to supportive housing, multi-generational living options, policy reform, and community education. Additional resources such as elder law attorneys, financial planners, lenders, senior move specialists, estate sale services and insurance agents can be coordinated through the real estate specialist to ensure coordination of services, thus easing some of the turmoil involved in a senior move.



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